Abdul Latif Sheikh

Chief Information Officer

Abdul Started His IT Career in 1987. He Migrated from Pakistan in 1980 to Come study Computer Science In New York City. A Motivated individual who has experience from the early beginnings of This industry. Abdul moved up from a Help Desk Technican to becoming an System Administrator to one of the largest law firm in the world in over 20 Years. Abdul has experience in every aspect of the IT field and is an Asset. Abdul founded Instant Solutionz on the primary goal to provide great Technical Support. Abdul Experience from the early beginnings has given him the skillset and advantage most companies can not provide. 

Kevin B. Shakil

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Began His IT Career In 2010. His Passion for Getting into the IT world stems from his upbringing. He was always Tech savy and always wanted to help people learn how to use there computers. Kevin Got a Job working as a Help Desk Technican and moved up the ranks very quickly. In a short amount of time, Kevin Became a Senior Help Desk Technican for a fortune 500 Company managing over 1200 Locations. After a short While, Kevin took on a role with IBM as a Help Desk Manager, with 250 Employees working under his Leadership Supporting over 1.2 Million Users. Kevin Commitment to helping users is the reason he started Instant Solutionz, to Provide Great Customer and Technical Support to users who need it.